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I'm a seventeen year old girl. I live in Belgium and I like food a lot. I laugh a lot, and I often take pictures with my Canon camera. I listen to music all the time. I also love shopping. When I'm bored or upset, I like to go on Tumblr. It's a way of expressing myself. Hope you enjoy my blog.


It helps to find other activities you can do to occupy your time when you want to eat but you know that you don’t need to eat.
Get a jar and fill it peoces of paper that have activities on them. When you feel like eating just to eat, grab a paper out of the jar and complete the activity.
- learn to paint a cool nail design
- create an inspiration board with all your goals (both career, health, financial)
- organize your closet to make it look really cute
-start writing a book/short story
- design dream outfits on polyvore
- go for a walk
- start a new workout challenge online
- learn a dance routine to favorite song
- call a friend
- color in a coloring book
- watch your favorite Disney movie
- find a tv show to become addicted too (my current addiction is Game of Thrones)
- watch past episodes of The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover Weightloss editions online for inspiration and motivation.
- create your own cookbook. Print off all your favorite recipes and organize them in a binder and decorate it. Now you will have lots of healthy options to make!
- design your dream house on the game The Sims.
- draw pictures
- Learn to play an instrument (there are online tutorials for anything!)
- drink a glass of water

The majority of these activities can not be completed in one sitting, so this will give you plenty to do between meal/snack times.


Losing weight is hard

Changing your lifestyle or fitness levels is hard

You will make mistakes

You will learn a lot about yourself and those around you

Its OK and normal to be scared that you will fail - lets talk about it

Its OK to be honest about your fears - lets talk about it

Don’t be afraid to change your method or direction if it’s not working

You don’t have to pretend your journey is easy to make your followers happy

Be humble. Love yourself. 

(via fit-and-healthy-for-tomorrow)